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Tissue Pack Advertising - A more functional and receptive marketing tool than traditional flyers.

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We believe that giving out customized tissue packs and tissue boxes is a highly effective marketing tool as they are functional (who doesn't use tissues?) and consumers are more acceptive of free tissues in general. There's also a great many spaces on the product to print your advertising message in vibrant colors. 

At Tissue Print, we offer a one-stop service for designing, branding, printing, and production of tissue-related products such as advertising tissue packs and tissue boxes. See more our work below


The Plastic Wallet Tissue Packs are the most ideal tissue advertising tool just yet. 

With a dual pocket concept, it can easily carry 8pcs of 3ply tissues along with a optional customized namecard or coupon. You don't have to worry about getting it wet as its pretty much waterproof too. 


The 4 panels of advertising space (both exterior and interior of the tissue pack can be printed) can be fully utilize to send a powerful marketing message across your target audience. 


See your designs in printed in vibrant colors on this tissue pack today! 

Plastic Wallet

         Tissue Pack

The cardboard tissue pack mainly comes in two models: 3 panels and 5 panels.


Look through our pictures and you will find that the 5 panels cardboard tissue pack has an additional flap, and thus extending your advertising space.


Make that into a tear off coupon or print more details about your products and services, it's up to you! 



        Tissue Pack


Tissue boxes are often considered as a "longer lasting" marketing collateral as users like us will tend to keep them in our offices, cars and homes.


At TissuePrint, we are able to customize tissue boxes into a variety of sizes, add a flap to extend advertising space or flourish them with effects such as UV or hotstamping.

Not only that, we are also able to add interior printing for clients who wishes to turn the open flap into a lucky draw coupon. 


         Tissue Box




We provide efficient tissue pack & tissue box design services to actualize your ideas

and marketing plan in the fastest way possible


We take care of entire process of customization & mass production of the tissue products once the designs are firmed up.


We are able to deliver locally (Singapore) and handle logistics to various countries worldwide, simply let us know where. 


We offer before and after-sales support to ensure that our products and services have fully meet client's expectations. 


    Our Works    

Our recent projects for customised tissue packs and tissue boxes printing

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