Design Services   

Require design services? No problem! For a small design fee, we would be able to offer the following design services to reduce your hassle in printing with us:  





Artwork Layout

Tracing and Conversion of artwork done in Word or Powerpoint into printable vector files (ai. format) 


Creative designing

In house designers would propose backgrounds and illustrations based on your requirements.

Client would have to provide us with a general information about the marketing campaign, text copy and specific images which they like to add (eg. photos/logos) 


Sourcing and Provision of stock photos

No pretty pictures? No problem! We will be able to source and propose feasible images for your design.

*Do note that not all stock photos are free of charge and client may be charged accordingly. 



Mock Up Production

For clients who have some extra time and would like to be extra careful with the order, we would suggest to do a mock up before proceeding with the mass production.


Mock up may take up to 8-10 days, depending on the product and requirements. 


Mass Production

Upon confirmation of the mock up, we will proceed with the mass production for the order. At this point, our sales person would arrange to collect a 50% deposit from you. Our production leadtime would vary based on the package the client has chosen: 


  • Standard Package: 3-4 weeks upon confirmation to proceed with the mass production 


  • Urgent Package: 2 - 2.5 weeks upon confirmation to proceed with the mass production



Delivery in Singapore

TissuePrint offers one free delivery for each order and should have additional delivery locations, simply check the delivery rates with our sales person. 


Needs the goods to be delivered in batches over a year? No problem too! Simply let us know your timeframe, TissuePrint will be able to take care of your warehousing and logistics needs. 


Delivery Worldwide

We've worked with clients from many parts of the world and would be happy to arrange for worldwide delivery to more than 70 different countries - Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, you name it! 


Shipment of the goods are done via reliable shipment companies such as UPS and DHL. Tracking number will be provided for all overseas orders for the best assurances. 


Call or send us an Email anytime and we would be able to propose a

suitable solution for you!


For more inquiries, do feel free to call us at 62927193 to have a chat =) 

Our working hours are from Monday - Friday: 9.00a.m - 6.00p.m. Thank you!